Saving images from DSO MINI v2 ossiloscope

At Google, there is a fantastic tool to reward employees for going the extra mile to help... called a peer bonus. It really helps driving the right behaviour. 
So - when I recently received one of these, I bought myself a DSO Nano. It's a fantastic little pocket sized oscilloscope that have now been so beneficial in understanding some of the electronics that cross my path. E.g. most recently, I could not get a DS18B20 to talk to my Raspberry Pi A+ (as part of my home automation), but hooking the DSO to the pins quickly made me realise I had a poor power connection to thermometer.

The DSO (Digital storing oscilloscope) should be able to *store*... and it does... but until today I've not been able to get the DSO Nano to write to the Micro SD card.

Well, now it does :)

  • I'm running BenF Firmware v 3.64 
  • I've got a micro SD card that is 2GB (some struggled with more than 2GB)
  • The instructions is, imho not clear on the steps to capture an image, so here are my instructions documented below:
Power up the DSO, add micro SD card. Get your signal on the display as per usual (see manual) and then navigate to "FI" with +/- buttons.
Press "M" to get to menu for "FI" (files). With "Save Img" highlighted ...

PRESS AND HOLD the "M" button.

Hope this helps!


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