Google static beam: The explanation

This video has been hitting the headlines about a strong static electric field at Google... and there are many rumours about what it might be.

I'll tell you what it is:
Even if some long-term Googlers might get jaded and accustomed to this effect to the point where they might not notice it, but I still get it every day I walk into Google... (just like 0xA1F days ago on my first visit while I was still working at Microsoft!). And ask anyone who have been visiting the office... the electric vibe in the office is strong and very much alive.

It's not really just a bit of magic in the air: It's a spirit of optimism, energy, fun, surprise, expectation to make the world a better place... all things that I love about working at Google.

And if you watch closely at the video... I suspect enough Googlers where on the balcony that the vibe just spilled over the edge onto passers by.

If you are sceptical, just swing by for one of Mo's legendary breakfasts... and you'll feel the force.


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