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Opening up the power of Salesforce through Chrome

At Google we're using Salesforce for cour CRM stuff. As channel manager responsible for lots of partners all over Europe, I frequently need to search for opportunities and check that they are appropriately assigned to partners, or find all the opportunities for a specific partner.

Salesforce can do all this and more, and thus far I've been struggling with custom reports for each partner... which is a pain if you one day decide to change the format.

Discovery number one: By creating a salesforce report, you can override the filter values by tweaking the URL. (see note 1)

Discovery number two: I can quickly create a way to populate the URL parameters with Chrome's customer search provider feature. (see note 3)

The end result is that I can now open a new tab, type "sfo" and hit space (this invokes my special search provider), and then type "police" and hit enter. The search provider translates this into something like…