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Happy moment for this amateur photographer

I love a challenge. And I get a great buzz when doing something fairly unique.

Please allow me to exercise my bragging right, just for a moment: Many moons ago, one of my photos (evidence, see url) was adopted my Microsoft as a desktop picture in Windows XP.

And yesterday, Google's Santa Tracker did a similar thing, just have a look at Trafalgar Square's Christmas tree. (Or, perhaps you'd like a slightly better version, or some of my other photospheres.) Spot my lovely yellow bike :)
Well - let me use this opportunity to wish you all a very, very Happy Christmas! May it be a fantastic time for you and your loved ones, and may you experience a bit of the original magic of the incredible gift we've all been given.

Hot desk check-in with QR code & App Script

We’re moving to a new office where we’ll all live at hot desks… a first for this Alfred for… oh… forever. I even had my own desk at school, I think.

We all love change, right? ;)
So - to make this a bit less of a big change for us, I thought of creating a simple app to make it easy to know where my work friends are.
Use case: I walk up to my desk, check in quickly and easily, and then when my friends want to find me, they should have a quick way to do that.
Solution stack: Below is a very quick and simple implementation of just such a tool, using Google forms, QR codes, a simple App Script and G+.
Implementation: Create a simple form with just one question, asking for your desk location. Ensure the form requires authentication from your Google Apps domain.
You could just get people to open the URL and select the desk, which would work. But I'm opting to put QR codes on the desks, each pointing to a pre-filled in form. This means a Googler could simply walk up to the hot desk and scan the …