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Green aeroplanes?

I'm flying around a lot these days (and hoping to reduce it soon). So much so, that I've averaged about a flight a day for the last two weeks, and its not yet the end either!
The good news is that I've spent time with a lot of our business partners and customers, which is always inspirational and rewarding.
The big frustration I recently gained, was that the BA acquisition of BMI means that my air mile "status" benefits shrinks from OneWorld+Start Alliance "status" to just BA "status"... which has a much greater impact on my flying that I envisaged. If only Lufthansa or SAS would be willing to offer me a match... But enough of that.

A recent in-flight brochure had stats about different aircraft in it, and one data point was that the Boeing 737-800 used only 0.028 litres of fuel per seat per km. A quick calculation suggests that this could be as good as 84mpg. Granted, there are a few other issues to consider (most notably not all flights are …