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Planning what we feed our brains

Inspired by my very smart niece, Ilana. I’m no expert on how the brain works, but I do find it fascinating to understand snippets of how I can optimise this fantastic super computer tuned for *real* (as opposed to artificial) intelligence, that we all always carry around with us. TED is jam packed with fantastic presentations about this . Yesterday my niece told me about the early evidence and research in progress of how the brain process facts and data from short term memory to medium term memory to long term memory. From my limited understanding, I’ve translated it to a field I know a bit more of: Just like computers (or the cloud ), the brain also have various kinds of memory, some faster but more scarce, other slower and in greater supply. Data pipelines would process some of the streams of incoming data, and keep relevant info, discarding noise. And eventually data scientists and analysts would process the data to find insights, or train new machine learning mod