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Loving my Nexus 10 tablet

I've been lucky enough to receive a prototype Nexus 10 a few months ago to help testing. Thank you Google!
And, until recently, I did not float my boat. Why? Well, my Motorola Xoom is pretty good too (and also on a fresh recent Android Build), and it was not very stable, being a new device that is still in Prototype stage.
BUT, this all changed... all except for the Xoom that is still a great device, and now the preferred media player in our house (that also have a Windows Media Center machine connected to the big TV).

What changed? The Nexus 10 got the latest Android bits which is just soooo sweet and smooth, and I'm now allowed to take it out of the office, and suddenly it's real value came to light. Being office bound (and pre-release) just limited the value so much. Now that I can read on the train, and productively clean my inbox AND create content (the keyboard is awesome), craft responses, plan the day productively... it's beautiful. The screen is fantastic. At…

3 favourite gadgets

Right now, my favourite three gadgets are these:

My helicopter. This Syma S107G is incredible because it's so simple to fly (thanks to incredible electronics). It's lightweight and my son and I love to try and fly it around the table and then land it on a small Lego platform. I paid £12. (And then another £60 for 5 more... some of my friends have their Christmas presents ready ;)) It's really an engineering marvel: The quality of design, materials and electronics all really impress. Put it this way: If there was a life-sized version, I would not have hesitated to get in myself.
My new heaphones. After reading this Machable article, I just bought 'em. (I think I was sort of spending my Christmas bonus early, without thinking it through!) But I love 'em. They are really a class *way* above what I'm used to compared to my fairly expensive floor standers and I even prefer it to my Google-issued Sennheiser HD 280 pro cups, and definitely over my Sennheiser in-ears. …