3 favourite gadgets

Right now, my favourite three gadgets are these:

My helicopter. This Syma S107G is incredible because it's so simple to fly (thanks to incredible electronics). It's lightweight and my son and I love to try and fly it around the table and then land it on a small Lego platform. I paid £12. (And then another £60 for 5 more... some of my friends have their Christmas presents ready ;)) It's really an engineering marvel: The quality of design, materials and electronics all really impress. Put it this way: If there was a life-sized version, I would not have hesitated to get in myself.
My new heaphones. After reading this Machable article, I just bought 'em. (I think I was sort of spending my Christmas bonus early, without thinking it through!) But I love 'em. They are really a class *way* above what I'm used to compared to my fairly expensive floor standers and I even prefer it to my Google-issued Sennheiser HD 280 pro cups, and definitely over my Sennheiser in-ears. And I considered the latter two to be fantastic already! My music (even streaming from Google Music via a dodgy connection) is richer, with more body, more detail and I discover new harmonics I've never heard in my favourite tracks. £50

And lastly - my Chromebook. I'm currently running a Samsung "Alex" 550C, and it's just rock solid, fast, and very, very capable. I *much* prefer it to my Mac or any of the PCs at home, and so does my family. The only reason to go back to my Mac, is to manipulate my photos in iPhoto. But that will change too!
It's lighter, faster, more stable, more mobile, and last longer than any other device I carry around.
This post was written using the Chromebook while listening to my 3G streaming Google Music on the mentioned headphones. While commuting to work on my helicopter. (OK - that last bit was more for  effect... I'm on a train. One day...)


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