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Can't wait for the big PLUS

I really can't wait to add all my friends and family (and business partners) to Google plus... We're using it internally and it's just a more logical and smarter way to communicate with people selectively! (Hence the radio silence out here... blogging is now more work than +1, and getting less attention! Sorry!)

Really loving my CR-48. I've now switched to a routine where my CR-48 stays at work, and my Mac stays at home, and when I commute, I don't carry a heavy machine along... I use my phone (and hoping to get a tablet soon too, for those hours travelling).

The only thinks I can't do from my CR-48, are

iPhoto-style editing of the 2555 photos I took a couple of weekends ago (of ballerinas, no less!)some development stuff that require dev tools to be installed (I'm still tinkering with AppInventor and more)VPN for the hand full of resources that Google don't expose without VPN, like our new hire referral program intranet site."for everything else, t…

Presenting with Sigma, rewarded with Audi A6&7

Last week I've been to the beautiful Marstrand at Sigma's Camp Digital event, that was running alongside the Stena Match Race Tour. And what a privilege it was! I've been asked to present, and my presentation was sandwiched between Spotify and Apple :)
Sigma are really switched on and very innovative & creative. I enjoy working with them. And as expected, they helped arrange some of the logistics, and offered to "send me a car" to collect me at the airport. And so they did. But not just any old taxi. It was a brand new fully loaded Audi A6, and I was handed the key by the driver, to test drive it back to Marstrand myself! (Audi was a sponsor of the Regatta, and hence the car.) And the journey back was equally exciting in an A7! On both journeys, there were a lot of traffic, so I did not quite get a chance to push the car to it's limits, but stationary traffic offered me a chance to play with the nice gadget sin the car.
The most refined new feature for me…