Presenting with Sigma, rewarded with Audi A6&7

Last week I've been to the beautiful Marstrand at Sigma's Camp Digital event, that was running alongside the Stena Match Race Tour. And what a privilege it was! I've been asked to present, and my presentation was sandwiched between Spotify and Apple :)
Sigma are really switched on and very innovative & creative. I enjoy working with them. And as expected, they helped arrange some of the logistics, and offered to "send me a car" to collect me at the airport. And so they did. But not just any old taxi. It was a brand new fully loaded Audi A6, and I was handed the key by the driver, to test drive it back to Marstrand myself! (Audi was a sponsor of the Regatta, and hence the car.) And the journey back was equally exciting in an A7! On both journeys, there were a lot of traffic, so I did not quite get a chance to push the car to it's limits, but stationary traffic offered me a chance to play with the nice gadget sin the car.
The most refined new feature for me, was certainly the head's up display, showing speed, the speed limit and key navigation information while driving. And as you'd expect from Audi, the positioning and brightness of the image on the windscreen was just right - it really enabled me to drive with my eyes 100% of the time on the road, while still knowing when I was at risk of taking the wrong road or exceed the legal speed limits.
Great stuff... and another successful marketing campaign, not only for Sigma, but also for Audi!


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