Can't wait for the big PLUS

I really can't wait to add all my friends and family (and business partners) to Google plus... We're using it internally and it's just a more logical and smarter way to communicate with people selectively! (Hence the radio silence out here... blogging is now more work than +1, and getting less attention! Sorry!)

Really loving my CR-48. I've now switched to a routine where my CR-48 stays at work, and my Mac stays at home, and when I commute, I don't carry a heavy machine along... I use my phone (and hoping to get a tablet soon too, for those hours travelling).

The only thinks I can't do from my CR-48, are

  • iPhoto-style editing of the 2555 photos I took a couple of weekends ago (of ballerinas, no less!)
  • some development stuff that require dev tools to be installed (I'm still tinkering with AppInventor and more)
  • VPN for the hand full of resources that Google don't expose without VPN, like our new hire referral program intranet site.
"for everything else, there is..." Chrome. :)


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