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Me, Larry, Sergey & Craig...

Working for Google is an incredible privilege on multiple levels. Smart people, incredible deep pockets, blod goals, big challenges and on top of this a salary and a fantastic work environment.

And the smart people don't stop with people with the multi-coloured badge... I'm also privileged to work with a large group of very talented Google partners too.

On a recent trip to San Francisco with some of our award-winning partners like Folia and Tydac to name just two, I had the opportunity to swing by and attend my first, live TGIF at Google, and what an incredible experience it was! As always, TGIF content is confidential, so I can't say much about it, but the particular TGIF inspired me with just how special the Google culture really is.

And... just top top it off, here is a photo of Craig (employee 003), Larry, me & Sergey!

Low-risk skydiving courtesy of Google

Google Earth is used in a vast array of very interesting applications as it is an excellent tool to visualise your geospatial data with. We've got municipalities mapping all their street furniture and assets on Google Earth, Dell use it to visualise their web site analytics and traffic, Statoil Hydro use it to track their exploration for oil and much, much more...

And then you get some crazy creative uses... like this one.