Me, Larry, Sergey & Craig...

Working for Google is an incredible privilege on multiple levels. Smart people, incredible deep pockets, blod goals, big challenges and on top of this a salary and a fantastic work environment.

And the smart people don't stop with people with the multi-coloured badge... I'm also privileged to work with a large group of very talented Google partners too.

On a recent trip to San Francisco with some of our award-winning partners like Folia and Tydac to name just two, I had the opportunity to swing by and attend my first, live TGIF at Google, and what an incredible experience it was! As always, TGIF content is confidential, so I can't say much about it, but the particular TGIF inspired me with just how special the Google culture really is.

And... just top top it off, here is a photo of Craig (employee 003), Larry, me & Sergey!


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