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Addressing BIG audiences - inside secrets

The title was just crafted for click bait... there are no great secrets in here. But I will share some of the things I consider valuable when presenting to large audiences.

Presenting is a personal thing. You have to find your own style that you feel comfortable with and that works for your audience. So, there are no "answers" or silver bullets, but I'll share with you what works for me.

First, it's worth sharing my freshest thoughts. I had the privilege to present to a very large audience last week... my biggest audience to date by thousands, and it was live streamed too... so it was a significant stretch for me. Here are some observations from that event:

Thousands in the audience is not harder than a hundred I guess it was a bit more stressful, but such a big audience justified more preparation, which reduced the stress for me, so it really was not more painful or difficult just due to the sheer number. Other factors made it a bit more challenging, though.

Notes on BMJ presentation by Googler Alfred Biehler

Thank you to the BMJ for the wonderful opportunity to present the keynote #qfk4 at the International Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare #quality2015.
It was a real privilege and honour to share the stage with HRH The Royal Princess and other distinguished presenters and experts.

The content below is intended to provide links for further reading to support the presentation I delivered yesterday at Excel, London.
Part 1: recent changes in technology that opens up new opportunities With the story of Mihir Garimella and his cheap quadcopter, I highlighted four huge shifts in technology: Smallercheapermore connected and smarter (using data and processing power to become more relevant, proactive and our of the way) This change was mostly driven by the growth of mobile phones.
As examples, I discussed Google IrisGoogle Nanoparticle platform (and especially this)Google Flu trends (and how you can do this yourself) and this Jawbone Napa Valley quake story.Google Loon to provide internet a…