Opening up the power of Salesforce through Chrome

At Google we're using Salesforce for cour CRM stuff. As channel manager responsible for lots of partners all over Europe, I frequently need to search for opportunities and check that they are appropriately assigned to partners, or find all the opportunities for a specific partner.

Salesforce can do all this and more, and thus far I've been struggling with custom reports for each partner... which is a pain if you one day decide to change the format.

Discovery number one: By creating a salesforce report, you can override the filter values by tweaking the URL. (see note 1)

Discovery number two: I can quickly create a way to populate the URL parameters with Chrome's customer search provider feature. (see note 3)

The end result is that I can now open a new tab, type "sfo" and hit space (this invokes my special search provider), and then type "police" and hit enter. The search provider translates this into something like
(see note 2)

which SFDC will in turn interpret as something like

Filtered By:1 AND (2 OR 3)   Edit 
   1. Product Family equals MyProducts 
   2. Opportunity Name contains Police 
   3. Account Name contains Police 

and bingo - I've got my relevant opportunities in a flash.

1) The SFDC report: Create a report as usual, and ensure that you add filters on what you want to filter on. (You can leave the values blank, or use some frequently used value)
2) the pv1 stands for parameter 2 (it's zero based). pv0 would be the first parameter etc.
This query

would result in filters looking like this:

Filtered By:1 AND (2 OR 3)   Edit 
   1. Product Family equals A 
   2. Opportunity Name contains B 
   3. Account Name contains C
3) Open Chrome setting -> Preferences, click manage search engines.
At the bottom of the list of "other search engines" add three values:

  • Your Own Search Engine name Foo Bar
  • the shortcut text (e.g. sfo, above), short text you'll type in the address bar to initiate this "search engine"
  • and the URL... replacing the parameter with %s, e.g.
Let me know if you need more clarity in the explanation.


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