If an entrepreneur joins a company, it's not because they failed!

I suddenly woke up thinking about a discussion I've had with a few friends over lunch at the fantastic new Google canteen in 123... and just realised that my colleagues made a very wrong assumption about an ex-colleague who resigned a year or so ago. She started her own business, and are now apparently considering contracting or joining another company.

The wrong assumption they made, was that any entrepreneur who signs up for a "proper job" must have failed as entrepreneur. Not true.

I can think of many reasons why an entrepreneur might choose to sign up for a "proper job", temporarily.

  • Gaining specific experience or contacts
  • topping up cash reserves
  • loneliness... just working for yourself can be lonesome!
  • Delaying the timing of their business - for what ever reason
  • Perhaps it was the right time to sell, as someone else valued your business even more than you did (and you know you could build it better if you started again)
  • Conflicts with specific partners, or specifics around equity deals that made it smart to move out at the time...

I guess the point is this: If a full time employee at corporate X move from one role to another, or from one big brand to another, it's not always because the employee failed at the previous role. And the same applies to entrepreneurs. 

Let me get off my soap box, now. :)


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