Chromebook microphone: another option!

I love my Chromebook (even more than the CR-48 that I handed back), and just discovered another two features...

1) (Ok - not that interesting... but perhaps useful one day!) The Chromebook SIM card can receive texts, and results in a pop-up message with the SMS text displayed.

2) The earphone plug on the Chromebook actually can and does double as a microphone plug too, so you could plug in iPhone-style headphones with a microphone in the wire, for hangouts and more.
This means you now have at least three options for microphones on the Samsung Chromebook:

  1. Built in mic
  2. USB mic (which I've been using mostly thus far, with no problems)
  3. mic/headphone combination as described above.
And in hind sight - I should have known... See the picture.


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