Xoomsperiance: The second screen

I got my Xoom primarily for a work-while-you-travel device... something to ensure I can be more productive on the road.

It's living up to the expectation thus far mostly. (One gotcha is that I've got wifi only, and even if it had 3G, I'm frequently traveling abroad where I can't roam without paying a fortune.)

But today I was struck by another benefit: This *second screen* next to my laptop is very handy. Especially for VC (through Google Talk Video) is awesome. The UI is good and the video & audio quality  is exceptional, even compared to using the Mac.

Also - I find myself glancing at the tablet's home screen with next meeting & other such headline info... which is really valuable as a second screen.

Loving it!

And I shocked by Samsung Apple debacle. As some might consider it close to home, I will rather not comment!


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