Protecting the Xoom

I've done two things to physically protect my zoom, and both feel like a bit of a compromise:

a) I've added a screen protector and
b) a folding case.

For the screen protector, I bought something like the thin plastic stick-on screen protectors you get for other phones and devices. On my Nexus One and Nexus S, this worked very well. But with the 10.1" screen of the Xoom meant that fitting it was *much* harder. The alignment is harder to get perfect, and getting all the bubbles out was hard work. And then, despite meticulous cleaning, a dust particle or three still got stuck under the surface, some very visible. I'm not criticising the product I bought, but rather the trade-off. I might very well remove this from the screen soon, the remaining bubbles, dust and corners that curl up where it does not sit perfectly is too great a cost I think.

The folding case is the original Motorola accessory, and it's OK. It's very rugged, so would probably save the Xoom if I were to drop it, but it's fairly heavy, bulky, does not look slick and is not easy to work with. The grooves does help position it, but in the hand, it feels not right.

We'll see if I use the case in a few month's time. I probably should have gone for a much thinner, lighter cloth-like cover.


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