What to do if you used to be a printer driver guy...

...build cloud printer drivers.


I've been an early proponent of moving things to the cloud... even before it was called "the cloud". But in the early 2000's I always used a few things as examples why not quite *everything* would move to the cloud. One by one, these "never to move to cloud" items are moving there!
a) Spell checking... surely locally would be better, not true? Well, sort of only. By using my browser to do spell checking (perhaps with local processing, but fed by a dictionary from the cloud), I'll get better accuracy across more words and languages. And by building it into the browser (or OS), all apps benefit from this, not just my word processor.
b) Video editing... I could not envisage how the web would ever deliver a better experience... but it does! http://www.youtube.com/editor, and now rendering can be done one a farm of powerful machines, rather than my own limited machine.
c) print rendering... nuf said.


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