ChromeOS CR-48 screen shot in an email.

As I've switched to using my CR-48 exclusively, I was expecting and indeed have encountered a few usage scenarios where I had to rethink and change my habits.

Today I wanted to send a screen shot of subset of a spreadsheet (a Google doc) to someone via email. And... it was remarkably easy, despite expecting it to be a pain. A screen shot came courtesy of ChromeOS CTRL+"next screen" (f5?) - that I've found using the CTRL+ALT+/ help window.
The screenshot was landed in my "downloads" folder, which popped open to guide me nicely.
Next challenge was cropping it. I've jumped into Picnik (installed as Chrome Extension), and uploaded the relevant picture (from /user/downloads), cropped it, and saved a local copy to attach to the email. All in all, the process took me a minute, which included figuring-out time. 

Another great experience.



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