Robotics to make life better: Sockrates debut

It can't be any surprise to any of my friends that I love the point where electronics and the physical world collide. And robotics is part of this.

Hence my Arduino controlled heating at home, my banana clicker, my HTTP light bulbsCAT6 Christmas lights and cyborg stories.

So, you can't imagine how excited I am to see some public rumours (I don't have more Google Internal information *yet*) on what Andy Rubin is up to now. Automation.

So - as a tribute to Andy and an early "Merry CHRISTmas" to you all, here's another Biehler invention... just for fun, inspired by a singing dog in a shop window nearby.

For those interested (really?) in the tech behind it... it's deadly simple.

Now I can formally claimed that I've shared some of my (not so) dirty laundry on YouTube :)
If only I can get that robot to sort out the socks, find the missing ones and put them away...


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