Google Glass (made from Lego)

Continuing on from the theme on things I did when entertaining an audience at #GoogleATU on Friday... (also see banana and homopolar motor)

#ifIhadglass I would not have had to do this, but since I don't have glass, I had a problem. On numerous occasions I wanted to show off and talk about Google Glass in the broader context of new form factors, innovation, wearable computers, internet of things or #whenamapisnotamap.

What do you do if you want glass, and don't have it? (BTW - Working at Google has not yet solved that problem for me either... but I'm not giving up hope!)

Until then, the solution for me has been to build my own with lego.

OK Google?

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:
Step 4:

Step 5:
Stick this to your glasses with blue tac.

I've done this at a few events, and people just assume it's the real thing. On one occasion, the customer even asked me to try it on. I detached the lego & blue tac, and handed this to the customer... who then took it (carefully as if carrying Edison's only bulb), and struck it to his glasses, before issuing the "OK Glass" command a few times... unsuccessfully!

At Google Italy, I was treated like royalty as I walked into the office. Everyone is too busy thinking about Google glass to even question the functionality of the "prototype".

So - there you go. It's really easy. I've also built many with different shapes of "displays", on hinges or not, bright lego colours or just white... it all just works!

As seen at Haymarket Webfest:

Innovation at it's best, I say.


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