Ask not what I can tell them... ask what they want to hear

One of the things that energize me most, is to deliver a compelling and memorable presentation to a large audience. When Amit Singh (Google, President: Enterprise) recently referred to these Forbes tips, I thought it's worth forwarding them, as I think they serve as a great reminder how to deliver a great speech.

(This picture was taken at Aalborg, Denmark. I can recall the moment... pausing... and having the audience attentively wait in anticipation. What fun!)

And it also reminded me of some of my worst speeches. Many moons ago (and when I still had no grey hair) I delivered a keynote at a Gartner Symposium on Collaboration, where I woefully misunderstood the brief, and prepared a sales pitch instead of an industry analysis. And to make matters worse: As I realised I'm going down, tried to redeem my poor judgement with some lousy humour. Oh dear!

Right - let me get back to prep from my presentation later this week in Madrid!


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