Speed of development (Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Hue)

I've got a big plan to build a all singing & dancing lighting (& automation) system for our new home, and decided to use Arduino to act as controller unit (with lots of IO). I got hold of an Arduino board, and within a few hours of playing with it, I've got my own code on the Arduino now switching on/off a couple of relays based on other sensors.
Next, in order to control the lighting from a tablet or phone, I wanted some way to address the Arduino via an IP network, some JSON API or something. One option is to get the Ethernet shield for Arduino, but as it was as expensive as a Raspberri Pi, I opted to buy the Pi. In again less than two hours of playing, I've got my RPi up and running with an Apache web server that I can interact with.

The point is this: In under a week elapsed time (including shipping!), just spending a few hours in the evening in front of the TV, with no prior knowledge of Arduino or Raspberry Pi or even any prior Linux experience, it was easy and simple to get the basics in place. All for the price of a restaurant meal! What a fantastic time to be alive!

Next steps: I need to build a few PHP pages to be my API, get these pages to talk via USB to the Arduino (and Hue light bulbs directly), and hook up some real loads (via relays) to the Arduino.


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