Promises promises...

The trend these days is to offer a cheap flight, but then demand a bunch of additional payments for "tax", "surcharge", "supplement" and don't forget to pay for the suitcase too. (Oh, and we might even have to pay for the optional seat too, soon.)

There is another way: Include everything in the one price. Google Apps does that. £33 per user per year gives you email. And Google drive. And therefore a great word processor and spreadsheet, and presentation tools. And collaboration. And web sites for intranet and extranet, oh, and internet. And instant messaging. And video chat. And Video storage. And backups, storage, SLA, support.... you get the picture.

And today I experienced another brand doing that: Victorinox. I got a IT branded Victorinox suitcase *many* moons ago (with a firewall appliance in it!), and eventually it started to die on me on a trip with our award-winning partners to San Francisco.
When I started looking at replacement suitcases, I saw many... but I was drawn to Victorinox as I knew how well this case has lasted me way beyond many of the other lesser cases I had to replace more often. But the price tag sort of prevented me to take the plunge. And then I remembered that the original case had some promise of a life-time warrantee. I contacted Victorinox (without proof of purchase, without any paperwork, and without hassle), and they replaced it for me, free of charge! The lesson? I'd definitely fork out the bit extra for a Victorinox case to expand my collection, as I know that it will save me money over time. Thanks for that great customer experience!!!


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