Xoomerang! Traveling with nothing but the Xoom

Google's Enterprise business had the annual sales conference over the last few days in San Francisco, and I was lucky enough to attend. We got freshly inspired by the new products on offering, got re-aligned to adjust to the changes in the market and got to network with our colleagues from around the planet. It was good.

As I started packing, I was wondering if I would take my MacBook or Chromebook. The key factors were this:

  • The Mac would allow me to have full access to anything I might need... including iPhoto, Google Earth, contracts that I might need to deal with in proprietary formats etc... but it is relatively big and heavy. I know from past experience, that it becomes a big thing to wedge under the wing while trying to fill up your plate at the buffet, or it ends up being the thing I forget under my chair.
  • The Chromebook would give me more portability, less weight, longer battery life and good internet access without depending on tethering to my Android phone.

So I made my choice: I only took my Xoom tablet and only it (+ my phone)

I'm now on a flight back from SFO, and it was definitely the right call. I'd do it again with no hesitation.

I got fantastic portability and battery life, and could do just about everything. The few minor things (contracts in a locked Word document and VPN access to one internal-only legal resource) that I could not do on the Xoom, can all wait until Monday when I'm back.

But I did pack the wrong power supply, and had to buy yet another power supply, annoyingly!

So, all in all, very impressed still with the Xoom.

Since this morning, I found a local camera store, negotiated a good deal on the back of internet prices, I have hunted for and booked flights, Eurostar tickets, scheduled meetings, read and compiled emails, listened to music, read a bunch of blogs and wrote this article... and next up is working on my business plan for the quarters ahead. Productive and entertaining, definitely.

+1 for the Xoom.


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