Now won't wanna live without the Xoom

I've been slightly subdued in my praise for my Xoom thus far, but I think that was completely unwarranted. I have now grown to be so fond of it, that I'd really complain if I had to loose it!

Let me just give you a few snippets of scenarios where it was exceptionally good:

  • I recently had to spend a lot of time supporting someone in hospital, and it served as a brilliant single device that allowed me to work, play, relax and even entertain the patient. The one thing that surprised me, was how well it worked as a "radio" in the hospital room, for a bit of news and background music. (Granted - the hospital had a brilliant guest wifi network, which made all the difference.)
  • Travelling... I don't go anywhere without it. I frequently take a MacBook or Chromebook too, but the Xoom fits nicely in the same sleeve as the laptop, and it much better to use on a flight.
  • I've caught my elderly parents reading up on a topic of interest on wikipedia on the Xoom... despite them not having a great deal of computer experience.
  • My kids love it too... There is a free Koi live wallpaper that has kept them amused and entertained for quite some time (while daddy is trying to get the food ready)!
  • Meetings - it's certainly less intrusive to have a tablet for notes than hiding behind a laptop screen.
  • Video conferences... Google chat Video is awesome on the Xoom... I just do all my remote meeting this way.
  • Podcasts & Video: Many a journey, I could relax while still consuming valuable content (like sermons or technical training content, or even the odd TV program or documentary). Loving it.
I really have got no complaint any more. I'm happy with the weight and battery power, the processing power and UI... all is very, very good. 

One happy customer!


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