CR-48 powered up!

Funny - when I recently was in South Africa, I waked up to a sales person in Incredible Connection, and asked him:"What do you think of Chrome notebooks? Do you sell 'em? Will they be any good?"

His response:"Nah... anything that shiny will scratch easily. Every time you put that in your bag, you will be worried that it get another nasty scratch." Little did he know that not all things Chrome is shiny. :)

I've received my new shiny (actually, matt) Chrome OS notebook, and I love it. I'll keep you posted on my learnings and experiences, but I'm so confident that it's the route to go, that I've switched to *only* using my ChromeOS CR-48 notebook.

So what was my first few hours like? Impressed. Despite having a lot of Windows running in my heritage, I learnt to also love my Mac over the last year... and the CR-48 machine certainly had the best bits of the Mac, even in this pre-release version. The keyboard touch and layout, the touch pad (yes, it needs some tweaking on double finger scrolling, but it works!), the instant on... all very good!

I know Windows can boot quickly when it was sleeping, but this Chrome OS laptop boots in seconds from out of the box! (And so it should! It's running a browser!)

The only thing I have not been able to do to date on it, was play the WAV files that my home answering machine drops in my gmail inbox, and Spotify don't run on the machine... but have quickly replaced that gap!

Top marks, CR-48!


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